My First Contribution - edited?

Is there a proper outlet for 100% civil discussion about the edits done to our contributions?

I posted my first song for the database recently. Somebody went on there and changed it all around. I think it’s a beautiful thing that somebody wanted to help perfect an obscure NES soundtrack piece, but I think they goofed on the edits.

What’s the next step? I’m not upset or anything, but I think something was lost in editor translation.


First, thank you for contributing! In general, it’s good practice for users editing your public TheoryTab contributions to write in the comments of the edit what they changed and why. You are of course welcome to selectively revert changes that you feel were made in error. This is not a perfect system, and we are looking for ways to improve the workflow in ways that minimize vandalism and encourage contributors to act respectfully. Perhaps in the future we will allow designated moderators to help resolve disputes.

@AwesomeSite There were a ton of mistakes (Lydian instead of minor, wrong chords and melody) and I goofed up much less than you

and what do you mean by ‘something was lost in editor translation’

Well, hopefully not for nothing, but I am seeing that post I wrote again, only two years later… and I believe I actually know how to use the site now, and I believe I am less of a moron in general.

So yeah, you nailed that thing 100% perfect, and I have no idea what the heck I was even talking about. I think you got every note of that song exactly right. It’s awesome! So thank you. And my bad for being a stupid. :slight_smile: