Mute Active Voice toggel

Is it possible to toggle active voices on/off during play through without going into the mixer?

Hi, and thank you for your question!

I think the mixer is the fastest way to solo or mute single voices. The only other way would be inside the band browser, but if you’re using more than one instrument for a voice, the mixer is faster as you can mute/solo both instruments at the same time.

Please let me know if this helped.


Thanks Dennis,

It sounds as if this would be a useful feature enhancement. Would this not be possible …


Yes, that would be possible, however I’m not sure it this is the best position for those buttons. In the voice menu you have no control over harmony, bass and drums. So there you could only mute a voice but not solo it. I still think the Bus Mixer is the best place to toggle voices as it gives you full control over every aspect of your music.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to let the mixer window stay open for larger screens? This would also give you a one click solution to toggle voices.

Hi Dennis, thanks for the response …