Musical typing instead of midi keyboard

Is there any way that I can use my computers keyboard to input midi notes into Hook theory in real time?
I want to record some original melodies over some chord progressions, and I dont want to add long and short notes one at a time. I dont really want to buy a midi controller keyboard for something like this. Garageband has an excellent feature of using the keyboard for musical typing, maybe you already have this, and I didnt see it somehow?

Hey Andrew
sorry for the late reply on this. We do have a record feature that comes with Hookpad+. Some people find it useful. However, because we quantize notes to the nearest 16th it’s a little tricky to use (or at least behaves differently from how other daws record). You need to be very exact on the tempo or it will quantize to the wrong sixteenth. You can always clean up the rhythms after the fact of course.