Multiple Melody Lines

Hey all,

I know this topic has been brought up before but it’s been quite a while (since Aug, 14, I believe) and I think it needs to be re-opened for discussion.

I would like the option to write multiple melody lines in a song. I think this is extremely important for few reasons:

a) This option would be a very helpful tool in analyzing vocal harmonies. Not all vocal harmonies are a third scale degree above the melody!

b) It would easily implement the use of 5 or Power Chords. This opens a whole audience that are currently left in the dark. Hard Rock and Metal.

c) Every single instrument in a band or orchestra could be analyzed and singled out. What an amazing tool for theorists or bands who would like to cover a song!

I understand the concern that having too many options will take away from the simplicity that Hooktheory expertly provides. However, for musicians like me, having that huge advantage in learning and teaching would be incredibly valuable.


We totally agree. I think you’ll be very pleased with some of the things we’re currently working on. More soon… :smile:


That’s great news! Thank you for all the fine work you do!

Any idea when those changes would start rolling out?

Sooner rather than later. It’s mostly done, but I’m not ready to announce a firm release date that we’ll be held to. :smile: