Mp3 download incomplete

I continue to get incomplete mp3 downloads. The first 10-12 bars of the song are “missing”. This now happens on every song I try to download. Anyone else having this issue?

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I’ve always had this issue. MP3s randomly missing notes/bars.

Never mentioned it on the forum because I don’t use it but yes, it’s a definite issue if you need MP3 copies.

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Yes I’ve had it. It takes ages to download a whole track and the disappointing when it’s glitchy.
Also it would be cool to down load multiple MP3s of each instrument to then upload into DAW.

Hi all,

Thanks for reporting this. We have not seen this bug in internal testing. @Shotglass does this happen only in certain songs, or all the time? The mp3 export uses Hookpad’s intrinsic playback to record into a file. Are you having any other playback issues on your machine? Do you get dropped notes when you export by measure instead of exporting the whole song?

One thing we can try is to expose WAV exporting as an additional option. This would be the same as mp3 export without the encoding step at the end, to help isolate the problem

This is an interesting idea. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that the browser could handle multiple file recordings simultaneously, as even a single recording appears to be taxing. What would be your typical use case of having multiple audio bounces tracks in a DAW? I’m thinking that MIDI export might get you most of the way there unless of course you were interested in preserving the Hookpad sounds exactly as they sound in Hookpad.

Ryan, it was happening on every song; but only during the last 3-4 weeks. As of last week, all is OK with the mp3 downloads; right after your software upgrade. Whatever you guys did, fixed it.

I still do have however a problem (as others have reported) that when recording from the piano feature, you hear the first note or two and then it is silent. So you can’t hear what you are playing when recording.
Have you noticed this bug?

Yes. You’re exactly on to this.

Midi is great.
Sometimes the tones on hooktheory are what I want. Eg. That ska snare is a corker. Eg 52secs

No biggie. You can download individually by muting every other track.

@shotglass, Great, glad to hear that this was fixed, and now that you mention it, I do think I know what changed. Since we can’t control the timing of when the recording starts, we encode a little blip at the start of each recording exactly one beat before the recording region, and the slice the output at the end at this marker (this is so each recordings lines up with the next). A couple weeks back we noticed that this slicing was not always happening at the blip which is likely what was messing up the exports.

Regarding the recording bug where notes didn’t sound, we just pushed a fix for that this morning, so it should be working now (in v2.8.5). The other thing with recording that was annoying was that the click count-in was being muted when the click was turned off, so we fixed that too.

Just tried to record with piano and it is working like it did before. All good. Thanks for fixing!

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I never meet this problem, because I use Spotify Music Unlocker to download my Spotify playlist to MP3. May be you can try it.

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