Most "Harmony" band instruments don't respect specified chord inversions

If I create a song with inversions of the same chord (simple toy example at:
“Inversions Get Ignored” by Dapperdork - Made With Hookpad.)…

I noticed that it doesn’t respect the specified inversions for most (but not all) band instruments for the Harmony section - it appears it’s optimizing for voicings that are easier to play. If I’m using a “Keys” or “Guitars” instrument, it will use the requested inversions, but for most (if not all) other instruments they get ignored (example above uses Piano Right Hand 1/4s which exhibits this behavior)

This messes a bit with experimenting with inversions in chord progressions. Is there an option that I’m missing that turns off this “feature”, and if not, could this be added in as an option?

Hey Dapperdork,

thank you for your feedback. Most of our harmony instruments are designed to work with a bass playing underneath. The harmony instruments are usually voiced from top to bottom in a way that the top note changes as little as possible through out a chord progression. This is done to prevent the top notes from jumping around and to give chord changes a sort of consistency.

On the other hand the bass instrument will play the root note of every chord and if there is an inversion the third or fifth. As for defining inversions only the deepest note counts there is no need to change the harmony instrument for inversion. In fact doing this would create jumping inconsistent progressions.

So to hear the inversions just add a bass instrument to your example.

Please let me know if this helped.

I’ll also add that there are some harmony instruments that are “full voicing” instruments which have the bass tones included, like “Piano Full Voicing”. This instrument will voice inversions in the harmony instrument itself if you’re interested in just using a single instrument to experiment with inversions.