More options for note duration

I wonder if it is possible to have access to a wider range of note durations without being forced to change the meter. If you are writing a song in 4/4 meter-- the shortest note duration available for melody writing seems to be 1/4. I would like to have access to 1/8, 1/16 and maybe even 1/32–to be able to create more detail in the melody without throwing off the whole feel by changing it to 12 beats --as the liner notes suggest as a solution for getting access to all durations:-)

It is possible that these options are available (and hidden)… I just cannot seem to find them!

Meanwhile-- I really enjoy this app and I look forward to what it will become as the user feedback helps hone this app;-)

8th and 16th notes are available , just not on the little selector. You can resize them down to 16th notes. If you look at the top left of this, you can see the duration being 0.25 of a beat (16th note). If you set the size, further notes will be the same duration until you change it.

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Thank you so much for answering my question and for the very useful screenshot! I really appreciate it:-)