More Magic Chord Suggestions (TheoryTab Crossover)

Hello, I really love Hookpad and have been a paid subscriber for a while in the past, dating a few years back. Something I’ve noticed is that the Magic Chord options have not expanded with the Hookpad software. For this reason I cancelled my subscription to wait for an update to this.

Writing in a given key, the progression options tend to gravitate to conventional progressions as the leftmost options with more unconventional chords moving further to the right. This is fine as there are usually multiple options, but when selecting chords that are a bit more unconventional in succession, the Magic Chord function tends to run out of suggestions after a bit, despite there surely being logical ‘next chords’ somewhere in songwriting that would be able to continue from that dead end.

On one occasion, I was disappointed to find that a Theory Tab for a song that I liked did not have Magic Chord support. That is to say, I began transcribing the Tab into Hookpad in the correct key and when filling in the first few chords, I tested to see if Magic Chord would suggest the next correct Chord in the song. Instead, it reached a dead end. That would imply this song’s progression has not been implemented to the Magic Chord database despite there being a Theory Tab for it.

To this end I am just wondering how many songs have been sampled to create the Magic Chord database? Certainly there are more songs sampled in common keys like C than something in Lydian, Mixolydian, or other such uncommon variations. With Theory Tabs available, I’m surprised they aren’t fed into the database as the community contributes them.

So in short, I’d like to know if the Magic Chord database options will ever be updated? And I would like to request, if possible, that Theory Tabs be added to the database (given some quality control for qualified tabs is put into place). Looking forward to hearing back, thank you!

Progressions that appear only once or twice in the public database are never present in the Magic Chord database, and on top of that only the first 9k or so submitted tabs were considered. (This also explains why Magic Chord straight up doesn’t work inside a Harmonic Minor key region, because all those 9k tabs were made in Hookpad 1.)