More Generalized TheoryTab Secions

I’ve talked about this here, but I felt that it needs a new topic for something more generalized.

TheoryTab’s default categories work fine for most songs for the most part. However, some songs (Such as Concealed Four Seasons by ZUN) has variants for their sections, such as adding a new melody to the same chord progression.

The current workaround is, if the song has the new melody right after or soon after the original melody, just to put it into the same section. However, the example song I lined to above, the missing prechorus has two variants: one with piano and one with both piano and trumpet.

If this more generic and free-form approach to TheoryTab sections is implemented, I could name the prechorus “Prechorus A” and “Prechorus B”. Perhaps there could be a dropdown menu when you click on the section that lets you see which specific variant in the database.

Hey @bigyihsuan,

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for not replying to your previous post. Regarding the key changes within a section, we will be supporting this with Hookpad 2. In terms of adding more options for sections, I definitely see what you mean.

We’ve considered more “freeform” section naming before (would make sense in certain genres like classical where verse and chorus don’t make sense). It’s a balance because we also would like to mostly standardize sections to maintain consistency across TheoryTabs and also so that we can run analytics on sections.

Since most songs adhere to the verse/prechorus/chorus structure, I suppose we could consider something like an “other” category where users can fill in a custom section name.

Here’s another example where this sort of drop-down would be great.

A video game called Breath of the Wild has 2 variants of a song in a certain area: inside and outside, along with in-battle variants.

The battle variants are identical to the regular versions, other than some more percussion. The inside and outside variants have differing instrumentation, but the chord and song structure is identical.

However, there is a section (Outside version, and Inside version) where the melody is completely different, but the chords are the same. This leads to the dilemma where if it’s better to have the two songs as one song in TT but with 2 versions of the same section, or as 2 songs in TT with functionally identical sections between the two.