More features for the Trends system

I really like the Trends tool on this site that allows you to find songs by their chord progression. So far it seems you can only search for and find songs in the major mode, but not minor or any of the others, which leaves out way too many songs out there. It would be awesome if the system could cover more musical modes so that we can search through a far greater catalogue of music.

They are converted into the relative Major key, so the only chord progressions Theorytabs which do not appear in Trends are those that use supermodal chords other than III. There has been discussion here on using the parallel Major instead of relative Major to more accurately reflect chord progressions regardless of their modes.

I think it would be a really nice upgrade to be able to only select, for example, the first 4 chords of a “line” for filtering purposes.
Because sometimes you are searching for a chord progression and the results give songs with another chord progression that includes your search when repeating.
For example:
I-V-vi-IV = V-vi-IV-I = vi-IV-I-V = IV-I-V-vi
And maybe I only want to look for one of these. I think it would also cover the modal problem.
Does that make any sense?
I also really like everything you’re doing here, it’s great!

I totally agree @slubbi. It would be so good to be able to select if the first chord of the search is the first chord of the progression.

The idea reminds me of regular expressions like (1564)* or 15(6415)*64 to detect repeating units of the same chord progression (the later excludes the minor repeating i - VI - III - VII), and should be already possible with the current API; but it will not cover the modal problem.