Modulation in a chord progression

Is there any way to Modulate my chords in a chord progression?

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Hey @fpalomares can you be more clear about what you mean by “modulate”? You can borrow chords from other modes and use secondary dominants to get other chords besides the ones in the key you are writing your song in if that is what you mean


@dave I’m in the same boat as him. This works well for simple diatonic things, but modulation is where you change keys. Which changes the function of each chord, as well as the borrowed chords you’re likely to use. For a simple example, a song I’m transcribing starts on starts in B minor, then transitions to D7, G7, and resolves to C. So from C’s standpoint, it’s the V7/V - V7 - I. But from the B minor standpoint, it’s just a weird collection of secondary dominands and substitutions. Or with other kinds of substitutions like chromatic mediants, like adding a Gm7 to the key of B minor, I’d like those too.

Edit: I looked at a few other posts as well and I’m not sure if these features are intended on being updated on the next book release, but this is I’m sure what OP is talking about.

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Hi Dave,

I meant the same as DevilBeats, modulate from a V chord and then jump into other key.

Thank you.


There’s no way of doing this until the next major update/the HTML5 update/the release of Hooktheory II.

Honestly, there’s been so little news or posts about Hooktheory II or the HTML5 update that I have no idea if they’re close to done, halfway through, or nowhere close at all.