MODULATION From key of C to D

Hello everyone,I’m trying to modulate from C to D using theV degree of D as a pivot chord , but when i decide to add new chords from the new D diatonic change ,I cant. It only allow me to keep in the same Key of C, so how can I add new chords that are not in the same key , and are not from parallel modes? Thanks

You can use secondary dominants

Hello , thanks for the advise.
But is it possible to change the key of the song in different parts of the arrangement?

No so instead you have to borrow chords and/or use the secondary chords

@flytapes You can however use , and . to move melody notes chromatically

@flytapes @Vaz123

If you need to change the key in the middle of the song , click on the measure bar above the staff to select that measure, then choose “Change Key”

this will make it so you don’t need to borrow.


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@dave I actually never knew that existed that’s really cool