Modes not available (a flat minor, e flat minor, etc)


I recently transcribed this song:

The original and root key is in aflat minor but I do not see the option to select this?

I could transcribe in g# minor or in b major, but the problem is the theory behind the track isn’t geared towards this and I thought this was the purpose of the site? I know there aren’t many songs written in this type of key, but the same could be said for a mode like eflat minor not existing too.

Am I using the software incorrectly (in this particular song) or should I be borrowing from the lydian/mixolydian modes to show what should be played?

Thank you.

They are available, but in terms of analysis for this site there is little to no reason to prefer 7-accidental keys over the 5-accidental enharmonic ones, regardless of the original intent of the song, unless the song is not written in 12-TET, or modulation occurs within a single Theorytab.

The same can be said about any music produced on a digital workstation that uses only sharp signs and no flat signs. Otherwise songs in F Minor would have to follow their notation as well: F - G - G# - A# - C - C# - D# - F.

There may still be a checkbox in Hookpad to switch to the enharmonic key when its relative major is Db, F#, or B. (Unless modulation occurs, keys with 8 or more accidentals are unnecessary.)

From a developer POV I can see why it would be unneccesary. I use 2 other DAW’s and they work the same way (ignore all flats completely).

But if someone only had access to sheet music, like for example:

and if that’s all they had, it’s very time consuming to transcribe. Nonetheless, thanks for responding.

In general the only authoritative source for video game music is the raw soundtrack itself, unless it can be shown that such sheet music was made before being transcribed into the game.

In particular, the sheet music above is a piano rearrangement by Asako Niwa and does not suffice to become an official source for verbatim transcription. (The Chrono Cross OST from the same publisher, however, is official.)

Strictly speaking, these modes are supported in Hookpad. They are just inaccessible from the key menu.