Modern Pop Songs that use I-IV-V

Looking to add something a bit more relevant to my students harmony lessons. I typically start with a I-IV-V progression for my older and more rock oriented students, but not as useful for my younger students who all seem to want to be Taylor Swift.

I’ve been looking for songs that use I-IV-V but all I can find are the same old ancient cliches. I know a great deal of modern pop uses the I-vi-IV-V but surely there has to be something more recent that uses the old rock and blues progression in a modern production.

any examples I can add to my teaching repetoir?

Is “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction recent enough? It was certainly all the rage when I was a young teen

Thanks Quentin, it’s certainly more recent than Status Quo :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a listen I’m sure it will be a great option :+1:

I am polishing up the Theorytab page as we speak :saluting_face:

Yeah that song was a perfect choice. Even my old dinosaur rock brain recognises that toon

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