Mix option in existing tabs?

Just wondering why im unable to acess the new mix option if i try and edit an existing tab? thanks

@TomNicks, we decided to disable mixes in the Theorytab database. That is why the mix option is hidden when editing Theorytabs.

@TomNicks, however if you’d like to hear a public Theorytab with a different mix, you can always select “Open in Hookpad” to create your own private copy of the tab.

I’m a few days using it and loving it although I feel a bit frustrated with the web-format limitation, as I always used software and loading things on browser sometimes is slow.

I’ve found various tunes in the Theorytab database that I would like to mute only the melody and listen to the progression, but there is not this option on Theorytab. So I transfer to Hookpad. Then, only one part (intro, chorus) per time is transferred… It would be nice to have a mix option in Theorytab or a “Open all in Hookpad”

Also, I use Ableton Live to transpose the song just like the piano function of Theorytab. If it would be able to do a time stretch algorithm over the youtube video, that would be even more awesome :smiley:

Thanks for this wonderful software.