Missing projects and no save and delete

hello! I lost a few projects, I think, after the update. When I open a project from the history of the browser, which I worked on yesterday, I get an error 404, and in the list of projects it also disappeared. Also, there is no way to save or delete any file. will my projects come back?

I found projects that I lost in " My TheoryTab Drafts"

Hi @andrey63. The URL changed from hookpad/project/xxxx to hookpad/app/xxxxx. Looks like you were able to figure it out on your own. Nicely done.

hi! Thanks for the reply. Yes, but there are still some problems, for example, some projects just hang during loading. I’ve seen it before, usually in a day or two, it’s all right.

Hi @andrey63, we pushed an update two days ago that addressed this issue for many old Hookpad 1 songs; it appears this particular project is still having import problems.

We will work on this and try to push a fix shortly. I’m assuming this is with the Hookpad 2.0.5 (latest release) - you can check by clicking the “Hoopkad” menu. The version is the top item in the list.

Thank you for your patience while we work out some of the new bugs.


Try loading this song again. For some reason it wasn’t saved properly in our database, but should be ok now.

Now its ok, but the file lost some things, I think all I did during the update - not preserved. But it’s not scary, I remember everything in my head. :relaxed:

that’s really good to know andrey. thanks, by the way, everyone else for answering as i had pretty much same problem myself and it is good when i can learn things easily. thanks a lot for everything guys! may i come with questions if i would have some? thanks

Yes, it’s good that they fix it. Meanwhile, I think it’s important to move all your tunes to the DAW to avoid such problems.

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