Minor scales in chord crush

¿There’s no puzzles in minor scale for chord crush? i’ve just got the pro version but still i can’t find the way to solve puzzles in the minor scale. Well… just 2. It’s hard to believe because the software is so good and teaches so many things. Why would you learn inversions and more complex chords before learning something as simple and common as the minor scale?? It’s so strange… so i don’t know if it’s me and i don’t know where to find them… I can’t find them in the guided lessons either.



Puzzles in minor scales naturally tend to have slightly harder difficulty ratings, so as you progress you’ll start seeing more and more of these. If you’d like to focus on only puzzles with minor scales, you can do so in the custom mode → select categories, and selecting the scale as minor.

The “Level Up” mode offers guided lessons on specific chords and chord sequences.

If I select scale as minor in chord categories in custom mode, I can only see THREE puzzles. That’s the problem.

Make sure you adjust the rating range to include a larger upper limit. Like I mentioned, these puzzles are generally more difficult, so tend to have a higher rating. In this example I have puzzles rated between 1000 and 2000 and there are 560 puzzles.

Oh yes!!! Thank you very much!!! :smiley: