Minor Progressions in Trend Map

Hey. New user whos absolutely loving what you created here. Thanks for you, undoubtedly, hard work!

Quick question: Is there a way to search for chords progressions in Trends which are in minor?

I understand that Trend works in a key neutral manner, so that I could just pick the relative major scale (e.g. C for Aminor) and base my search on that. The problem is that selecting a key locks the first chord to the I - Chord. And I don’t see an option to choose a i - chord, as in a minor chord, as my first chord.

Is there any way to do this? Pick a minor chord as my first chord in Trend?


It’s working now :slight_smile: Cheers for the quick fix. (I assume it has been changed and it ain’t just me doing something differently now? :slight_smile: )