MIDI Output using Web MIDI API (supported by Chrome and Firefox v108)

HookTheory supports MIDI input in Chrome/Brave, but MIDI output would be vastly more useful as we could route HookTheory to a DAW for virtual instruments, MIDI FX, recording etc.

Firefox also supports the Web MIDI API as of v108 so MIDI functionality no longer requires using Chrome.

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@InvisibleLandscape agree we should do this. This is actually a feature we had in beta mode a year ago, and ended up pulling it due to inconsistent behavior across browsers and other bugs that made it unreliable. Willing to give this another shot though, it was really cool using your DAW as Hookpad’s audio engine.


Did anything end up happening with this feature? I would really love to test my songs on my hardware synths without having to export the midi, and loading up a DAW.

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