MIDI input issues with firefox and chrome - bug issue

i have read the threads here on this site and gone to midi test page you guys created. i get the 403 code and then it plays the video.

i can’t get my korg paino to be recognized as input to hookpad. i did get it to at least bang on the same high C note while in record mode. too bad i wasn’t hitting that note…

i read the midi input thread and i didn’t see any solution in that thread so i started a new one. i have installed the jazz plugins for chrome and firefox. i couldn’t figure how to manually put implement the java code (firefox java code still in beta) though and i didn’t see instructions on how to do that.

help me out please.
windows 10 on a lenovo laptop
current versions of chrome and firefox


btw: yes i do get the ‘hookpad is listening to midi devices’ (something like that) when i open chrome. i have gotten it from firefox but i am not getting it now when i open hookpad currently in firefox.

i’m using hookpad plus as well.

Hi @goFaster,

Sorry for the trouble here, we’re trying to figure out why this midi test page is loading for some users and not for others. We’ve re-posted it here:


Could you try going there and seeing what you get when you play your midi controller?