MIDI input bugs

Tested on 2.11.9.

  • On B♭ Mixolydian / Dorian / Minor, all B♭ notes inputted through MIDI become an octave lower.
  • Certain altered notes produce a “g” accidental (equivalent to 3 sharps) under specific keys, e.g. E♯ in F♯ Major, B♯ in C♯ Minor, A♯ / B♭ in C Harmonic Minor.
  • Inputting certain altered degrees through MIDI input will fail. Those are:
    • Phrygian: ♯3 / ♭4, ♯4 / ♭5, ♯6 / ♭7
    • Minor: ♯3 / ♭4
    • Locrian: ♯3 / ♭4, ♯5 / ♭6
  • The bugs above can also be replicated by using the piano panel.
  • Only when using a MIDI input device, after Hookpad fails to input a note or chord, no further notes can be inputted through the device until a page refresh. (Hookpad still listens to MIDI events from the device, and the piano panel still works.) This might have also caused MIDI input devices to become unresponsive in the past.

Thanks @HertzDevil, we’ll have a look.

@HertzDevil, thanks, these were some pretty bad bugs.

Fixes will come in 2.12.2, coming shortly

MIDI input no longer crashes, but it is still impossible to input any notes or chords when those 6 keys are pressed on the piano panel.

♯♯6 / ♭7 in any Harmonic Minor key still produces a “g” accidental. (Both MIDI input and the piano panel do this.)