MIDI import not working


I recently tried to test this function in my life-time licensed account but it shows the following error message: “There was an error loading the file you chose”

This happened at first with a file exported from iOS Notion but then I decided to test it with several midi files I exported using Hookpad itself and it still shows the aforementioned message…

Could you please help me with this issue?


Hi, I’m sorry for your troubles.

Could you please send one of those midi files to “dennis-at-hooktheory.com”, so I could have a look at it?



Thanks Dennis. I sent you the files via-email. Regards!

Hi again, it seems that your e-mail was not found? I double checked but it seems to be the one you gave me: dennis@hooktheory.com


Hi, and thank you very much.

In fact I didn’t get any email. But when I click on your link and send a test email, I get it without any problems.

Perhaps you could try again?


Thank you for the test files you sent me. I could import both MIDI files without problems.

Did you use “import midi melody”?