Midi import does not import full the chord

Evening all,

I’ve just started using Hook Pad and was impressed up until I tried to export midi and import the .mid file to ableton. The chord part is just imported as single notes not the full chord. This was disappointing. Any idea why it may be happening



The midi will export exactly what Hookpad plays in its playback engine. Since the default piano, for instance, uses a 3-note right-hand voicing, you will need to include a bass track too to get the full chord in its proper inversion. If you want to export the full chord in a single midi track, switch your instrument setting to a “full chord” type voicing, such as “Keys → Piano Full Chords”

Cheers. that worked. All exporting fine now

Seems I have a new problem.
I am finding it hard to write multiple instruments at once. I can only have one melody playing but with multiple instruments playing that same melody. I can see check boxes for multiple voices but they seem to do nothing. Is there a tutorial or manual that covers this.
I also have some issue when exporting midi still. It occasionally breaks my melody line into 2 midi tracks and I have to merge them again after. Not a biggy but it is mildly annoying


You can create new melody voices using the voice utility which is in the right sidebar when the melody is selected. Information on how to use this is in the Hookpad user guide from the “help” menu.

Hookpad breaks up the midi files by instrument, so if you change the instrument on the same melody, it will create two separate midi files. When I work with my DAW, I find it most useful to export single instrument segments using the MIDI drag and drop feature, which Dennis talks about in this video:

Hope that helps!

Cheers @Ryan. You’ve been really helpful. Much appreciated