Midi exported does not match the chords created

So I’ve been having this problem lately. I just finished a chord progression that starts with a dm7 but when I tried to use that midi on Logic it just doesn’t match.

The chord progression starts with some am7 that wasn’t in my chord progression AT ALL.

I spent the whole afternoon trying to figured out this problem until I notice that the chords I was making didn’t make it to Logic at all. Hookpad just got useless for me in the last 2 weeks because of that. How can I fix it? I have screenshots if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @seinper

Sorry this is causing problems. Could you send your midi file and a screenshot of your hookpad project and logic piano roll to support@hooktheory.com?

Same problem here. Except it seems to import one of the tracks fine into my daw, but the rest of the tracks are some nonsense that isn’t even close to what I made. Confused.


Trying to track down this issue. Can you confirm that the nonsense tracks aren’t simply drum tracks? In some DAWs the Hookpad drum tracks will be sent to tonal instruments, causing strange “chords.”

If this is not the issue, it would really help us if you could send us your username, song name, and midi file to support@hooktheory.com