Midi export - chord invertion?

I’ve just started to play around with your software and have I question about chord export. I really suck in music theory so it can be a lame question :slight_smile: When I export chord - for example v chord in C minor scale and I import it I have A#4 D5 and G5, not D5 G5 and A#5. Why there is such invertion?

I’ve just exported that simple chord progression from Hookpad and I wonder why it looks like this. Here’s the link (I cannot upload directly to forum because I’m new user):

Again - why there’s such strange inversion over chords? Every chord except C has his top note (or notes) transponed one octave down. There are also strange notes at the bottom, why? Is it some kind of bug like in this topic: Problem with MIDI Export - #11 by rogerclark
Could somebody explain me this?

Just fap away your pain like the rest of us. There’s no cure yet. Especially for long files. It’s so hard. But we love Hooktheory. Faps away my pain in German

I’m having the same problem with logic, no solution yet?


The reasoning behind this is discussed in this thread, but essentially the midi export you get will be the same as what Hookpad plays in the app.

If you would like a “full” voicing where all notes appear in a single track for use in your DAW, you can switch the instrument to “Piano Full Chords”