MIDI Export Bug In Safari with OSX El Capitan

This question came in via email

When I try to export as midi from Hookpad, Safari becomes unresponsive and I have to ‘Force Quit’ to do anything in Safari again. It used to work fine, I assume it is an issue with the El Capitan mac update? Any tips on getting around this?

We observed this behavior right after the El Capitan update as well. Updating to the latest version of Flash Player fixed the problem, at least on my machine. I’m on Flash 19,0,0,245 right now. It worked fine in Chrome and Firefox on El Capitan. We are working on Hookpad 2, which will be completely off of Flash and these types of things will no longer happen. Sorry for the hassle.

If you’re a Safari user, you may run into a troubling issue when saving MIDI and saving to disk from Hookpad+: Your browser may freeze.

This is due to a bug in Adobe Flash Player. While Adobe works on a fix, you can configure Safari to allow Hookpad+ to save MIDI and save to disk with this Adobe-recommended workaround.

The workaround involves allowing Adobe Flash to “Run in “Unsafe Mode” on hooktheory.com. We completely understand if the phrase “Run in Unsafe Mode” scares you into using Chrome or Firefox instead, but wanted to let you know about this option if you want to stick with Safari.