MIDI Does Not Export

I just started using HookPad Plus and when I try to export MIDI to Presonus Studio One 3 I get an empty file. When I open the import dialogue in Studio One my .mid file does not show when “All supported files” is selected (only when that is changed to “All files.” If I can’t export MIDI then I will request a refund. That is the only reason I ponied up for Plus.

Hi @yarimurray,

I’m very sorry that MIDI export is not working for you. Would you be able to email support@hooktheory.com and let us know what browser and OS you are using and perhaps the song you are trying to export? I can take a look and see if it is generating any bugs on our end.

Also would be happy to refund your Plus membership if you are not satisfied.


I am having the exact same problem. I am using windows 10 and ableton live 9.7

@Vtrujillo22 sorry you are having trouble. Can you send an email to support with the song you are trying to export? Is there no file exported or does the software just not read the file. Note that some DAWs require the MIDI to file to have a .mid as opposed to .midi ending.

I haven’t named anything yet I was going to export it to midi and work on it in my DAW sob didn’t save it. When I try to export it won’t give me the option to change the file type to. Midi or. Mid it says all files. Won’t let me change in the drop down bar or anything.

@Vtrujillo22 are you able to save a file at all? You can also manually type the extension in the file save dialog like “mySong.mid”

Same problem here. I click the “MIDI” button inside the Export menu, just like I always do, and nothing happens at all. I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox. Very disappointing.

edit: Nevermind, my Hookpad+ subscription had expired, and there was no warning popup that this was the case when trying to export, just an unresponsive button.

Window 10 x64 using Chrome… same problem as CDEFGAB … click MIDI in export menu, nothing happens at all.

@blu789 it looks like your subscription also has expired. I have added a week so you can do an export if you need. I apologize for not showing a dialog box saying your subscription ran out instead of failing silently. This used to happen, and I’m not sure what broke. We’ll look into getting this fixed.


I also faced the same problem. Then I updated the system but after update 0xc00007b pop-up message shown on my system screen. If anyone faced that problem and has any solution then suggest to me.