MIDI broken on Chrome

Ok, here is a weird one.

All of a sudden, midi broken on chrome. It has been working fine.
It is not a deal breaker as I can still use it but just not on Chrome.

On Firefox, it works as expected but on Chrome, it doesn’t see the instruments.:

Chrome version:
Version 121.0.6167.85 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS is Linux

Not really sure when it began but I have been using it previously. I did update Chrome on 1/26 but I thought I had been using midi since then. Maybe not? I had been using Chrome 120.0.6099.224-1 and I know for sure it worked fine on that one. Of course it was using previous version of HookPad as well.


Yes, I did refresh HookPad. :slight_smile:

Yes, this is indeed weird. For me Chrome and Firefox are both working fine.
What are “Midi Through” and Chrome(output)? Are you using any internal midi routing app?

The Chrome(output) appears to be some virtual device (lock? buffer?) that gets assigned when Chrome is actively using the midi. If I open in firefox without HookPad running on Chrome, it doesn’t exist. If I have Chrome instance of HookPad open, it does.

The MIDI devices come and go as they are on the system. I have a MIDI wind device and it shows up when it is turned on and disappears when it is off. I got out my long cable and hooked up my full sized keyboard and it shows up as well. With Firefox, if I have the three MIDI devices active when I start HookPad, all three work just fine.

I don’t believe that it is any type of locking issue. If I have two windows open with HookPad in Firefox, one with the melody panel active and one with the chord panel active, they both see the same input and interpret it appropriately for the mode that they are in.

I believe my system has jackd and pulse audio installed but I have not changed anything with it. I did verify that my user was in the pulse audio groups (just to be certain).

I am mostly of the opinion that it is something borked with this version of Chrome since it had been working fine with Chrome before and still works with Firefox. Maybe it is just a transient issue with this specific version of Chrome on this platform. I don’t know what the current version is on other platforms.

It isn’t a deal breaker for me as all I have to do is work in Firefox while it is broken but if this is going to be something that is going to happen in other platforms of Chrome releases as they roll out, it will be something to take up.

Ok, it’s great you found a workaround. Are you on Mac or Windows?

Neither. On Linux. Mint specifically. Chrome official from Flatpack.

I just now got a new version (Version 121.0.6167.85 (Official Build) (64-bit)) and it is still broken. I did report an issue in Chrome (whatever good that does.)


I went and installed the version from the Chrome web page to Version 121.0.6167.139 (Official Build) (64-bit)

It was just the build from Flatpack that was broken.

Crisis Averted :slight_smile:

It just means that I won’t be able to use their automatic update system and have to go with Google’s updates. Meh.

Ah, that’s interesting.I’m happy you finally got it to work again.

Well, as they say, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” No telling how they compiled it for the Flatpack version. I should have looked there first. They broke MuseScore as well by it not putting the instrument packs where they belonged.

I will cut them some slack though. The overall base system works much better than the Unbuntu install that I was dealing with.

I never really thought it was a HookPad issue, per se. There would be no reason for that to work on one version of the same API and not another…