Microsoft Edge does not open Hookpad on Mac

Hookpad doesn’t load in Microsoft Edge on my MacOS.

Hi, I’m sorry for your troubles. Can you at least see the start loading page of Hookpad?
I’m not sure why this would happen. Sometimes it hangs on the start page and you might need to reload the page when an update has been pushed.


Hangs every time. Just shows your logo and version no.

Tried reloaded and flushing the cache, multiple times.

could you try on another browser to check? i know when i was on 2.30.2 it took me using Ctrl-R to refresh (which means “re-load” and overwrite cached content) and the nrestart the browser. after which i noticed a pop up progress indicator for syllables and sounds loading for 2.30.3. maybe something is blocking the loading?

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Cleared cached images and files. That did the trick.

Much appreciated.