Microphone does not work in Hookpad

The integrated microphone in my notebook does not connect with Hookpad.

kind regards Lesley

Hookpad doesn’t support microphone input at the moment. The music you create are entirely based on the instrument library. When you are done working on the structure of your songs, you can export to a DAW like garageband to record vocals and other backing instruments.

Hi Dave,
I wish it would record and singing voice in any form and perhaps time it to my measure as I sing to the metronome. My reason for requesting this is that my procedure for writing songs does not start with a midi keyboard as you suggest and I am sure most who took piano lessons find the traditional method for song writing. For me, when I hear a new song in my head. I sing it ( good or bad) with lyrics and make sounds to remember instrument changes, all complex and I struggle to quickly get it into this world. As I do put it into measures and add tracks, the process of translating vision into reality adds happy surprises. With the new computer resources, it sounds even better than the vision. I am tired of complex sound engineer music programs. I liked hookpad because it understands the barrier between computer and creativity. If you do add any kind of audio recording so I can type my words into your lyrics section, as I play back what I sung, kind of like typing a dictated song, it would be a great tool. I need this for song writing, not a home studio. Until then, I’ll have to keep looking for music software that probably does not yet exist. Thank you.