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Melody notes act like rests








Happens on these theorytabs and probably some others as well

Based on my tests it seems if the melody note is too high or too low then it will act like a rest (i.e. it will stop sounds, that means if you play an unbugged melody note or chord and then the bugged note then the sound will stop)

For the first 3 theorytabs bass notes in chords and the notes in chords can also be silent

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@Vaz123, thanks for the bug report. Does this also happen in Hookpad, or just in Theorytab? In one of the examples above, can you call out specifically which section/measure this is happening?

@Ryan it only happens in theorytabs

The conditions for the bug to happen varies from tab to tab, e.g. in Together Forever and Penantianku, any notes higher than F#4 act like rests (the measure and section don’t affect anything) whereas in Go Cart any notes higher than A3 act like rests (the measure and section don’t affect anything here either)

@Ryan also it doesn’t happen in a theorytab’s version history

Thanks for the detailed report, we know what’s going on, working on a fix now.

EDIT: I believe we’ve fixed this issue and will be pushing this to the site shortly. The issue is that Theorytab was getting confused in some cases and looking at the first analysis to decide which sound files to cache. In the case of Forever Together, the verse was much lower than the chorus, which is why the high notes of the chorus melody weren’t sounding. This also explains why the first analysis on each page was sounding correctly. This is a bug that was introduced with Hookpad v2.12.0, so we wouldn’t have seen it before then. We moved to this new caching pattern to improve the loading times of Theorytab pages generally.


@Ryan why for this theorytab sometimes the bug happens


@Ryan you didn’t fully fix the bug




Sorry for the late response, we are looking into this