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Melody monitoring cuts out after 1 bar of recording

When recording in a melody played on a numerical keypad the melody cuts out after one bar making it impossible to hear what you are playing. The notes continue to record after the melody audio cuts out but you can now longer hear them. The chords continue to play fine.
Using Chrome - Version 79.0.3945.88

I’m having the same problem!!!

same here!! frustrating poaisjpvoiajfsd;klnxcv;lbksd;fklgj

I tried it on my chromebook and on my desktop version of chrome. Same thing happened both times. I’d press record, the count in would start, and I’d start trying to play a melody. The melody would correctly play notes for the first measure, then stop playing any further melodic notes while continuing to play chords. Help!

Here’s a video link to the bug in action: