Martin Garrix Has His Own Scale

This is mostly for the people who created this wonderful product or forum or book. I looked at every scale that is in Hookpad, and there is none that fit into the structure of all the new Martin Garrix’s songs. The guy literally broke Music Theory if you ask me. All his new songs (Lions in the wild, Sun is never going down, Now That I’ve Found You) Use the scale structure of G, G#, A#, C, C#, D, D#, and F. Which I repeat NO scale has G and G# together. Like it drove me nuts, he’s my idol and all, but the fact that this guy used some other stuff of nature other than major or minor scales is crazy. Maybe i’m wrong, but I don’t know. Just know, if there really isn’t a scale out there with those notes, Make one specifically called the Martin Garrix Scale.

  1. G# / A# / D# are definitely spelled Ab / Bb / Eb. The only commonly used scales that require two notes with the same name are the altered scale and the half-whole symmetric scale.
  2. C# and D most certainly do not both belong in the scale in terms of the chord-scale system, because scales that form chords do not have 3 consecutive semitones.
  3. If C# is omitted, the scale is G Phrygian, otherwise D is omitted and it becomes G Locrian (or a relative mode).