Mark lyric in section as anacrusis

The new lyric sections is great, thank you.

I would like to be able to mark my lyrics as being anacrusis, and for the software to render only the lyric but without the anacrusis markup. For example, using brackets to mark the lyric as anacrusis;

I appreciate that a use case that has a lyric using syllable separation could be tricky to implement but… this is the sort of challenge that coders live for :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“an anacrusis (also known as a pickup, or fractional pick-up)”

so you would want the brackets “[ … ]” to be removed? from the lyric PDF exporter. whilst being anacrusis would the lyric still be part of the lyrics then?

one thing i do for lyrics - notepad++ - i have both regular textual only lyrics, and then also broken out by syllables with [space][dash] or appended [dash], or [space][plus] etc etc etc to format to the tool (in my case either HookPad or Synth V), and in my textual lyrics i designate the anacrusis (using the | … | instead of brackets like you do).
then copy & paste the syllable lyrics into the tool(s) from the source file. and if i need formatted, copy and paste textual only into something like Google Docs and format (and most often includes BPM, key, meter, and chord progressions, section marker etc).

Hey Roy, thank you for the feature request.

I already thought about something like this, too. Pickups are the one thing every DAW or audio app struggles with as the apps never know which parts of the music are a pickup and should already belong to the next section.
The problem doesn’t only exist for lyrics, but also for the notes/chords. If you copy/move a section with a pickup, that pickup always gets left out and has to be copied manually. But I agree that after dividing our lyrics into sections, we have very ugly situations where for example the lyrics of the chorus’ pickup might have to be written into the verse before. I think the main problem with lyrics is that in the lyrics editor you don’t see the music and the pickup as a continuous stream like for example in a piano roll. You just see the pickup parts being written into the wrong section, perhaps even dividing a word at the section boundary. Especially after exporting those lyrics to PDF this looks really ugly.

I really have to think if there is a great solution. It might be no problem to mark pickups with something like brackets and just put the words at the end of the section before but there might be lots of edge cases like copying sections, what should happen if there are too much syllables or no notes in the section before etc.

So it might not come soon, but I’ll keep it in the back of my head.