Manually altering chords

I was thinking about how crazy the process is to use supermodal chords, and I thought:

Wouldn’t it be awesome to just switch between “melody edit” and “chord edit” modes on the melody panel itself? Let me elaborate.

There’s already the “stable” button in place, which highlights the chord notes on the melody panel. I think it would be make a lot of sense if, for example, when the “stable mode” is on, each individual note of a chord could be selected and pitched up and down within that octave. The chord panel would update accordingly with the resulting chord. Of course, you’d be able to select a root among them and whatnot.

I understand how this might screw up the trends API with all the weird possible chords, and it might seem like it defeats the purpose of TheoryTab standards, but you could always limit the possible “note makeup” of a chord to simply fit the note makeup of every chord that can be input using the regular process.

I mean, the system already knows which notes correspond to any given chord and inversion, why not flip it around? Like a reverse lookup of sorts.

[An unrelated workflow feature request: the ability to split a note at any of its possible subdivisions without having to delete it & manually re-input the two resulting notes.]

Hold [/] and click on a note to split it.

I can’t believe I missed it in the manual, I read it like 20 times looking for it and it was right there, what the hell. Thanks @Clochette .

EDIT: Alright so I don’t know if I’m stupid or what but splitting doesn’t work. Merging by holding “t” does, though. It’s [/] like in the keyboard numpad, right? My keyboard isn’t american, it’s the only [/] there is.

/ next to the shift key. Same key as “?” on US keyboards. I don’t think the numpad will work.


My keyboard isn’t american, @dave. On my layout (european spanish keyboard), the only slash is on the numpad. On its place, next to shift, is the [-]. Switched the input mode to the US layout and now it works, but obviously it’s a problem.