Manual syllable breaks not working

I am trying to break a word into two syllables so it can include a note change within the word. The hyphen is not working. I deleted that set of lyrics and notes. When I added the notes back in, it had the same words, even though that had been deleted. I’ve tried separating was into “wa as.” That also doesn’t work.
So there are two problems. 1) the syllables are not breaking up. 2) when I delete or change the words, they stay in the score. I’ve saved and re-started. I’ve restarted my whole computer. I’ve deleted all of the words from the lyrics field. They stay in the score anyway, and there is no way to change them.

Hi @Robbie1299, if I’m understanding correctly from your screenshot it appears as though the melody shown is referencing the top paragraph shown in the lyrics view, where you’ve broken kno-ow into two syllables. That would mean that the lines where you have manually broken up wa-s actually correspond to a later part of your melody (which is not shown in the screenshot) and the reason you’re not seeing these syllables break in the melody shown on the left is that these notes correspond to the line in your lyrics where you are not breaking up the syllables.

Try adding some more notes after the melody in the screenshot, and you should see your lyrics appear there with the syllables correctly broken up. If you’re still having trouble, you can send a “disk save” of your song to me at, and I can walk you through it.