Making coordinated edits to multiple sections of theorytabs

It would be nice if there were a way for a similar edit to be made to more than one section of a song in a less-noisy way (e.g. not creating multiple comments or sending multiple email notifications), particularly when a tab has 3+ sections.

Initially I was imagining some way of submitting the multiple edits as a single atomic unit, but that seems potentially pretty difficult to integrate; a simpler approach might be, if an edit is made with the exact same summary (by the same user, within X minutes, with no other intervening edits) as a previous one, combine them in the comment view, and don’t send an extra email notification. The edit interface could also maybe help users with this convention by suggesting the previous edit summary when editing another section of a song immediately after the first.

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Yes, definitely.

Whenever I decide it’s a good idea to transcribe a song and submit all of the parts within a few hours, my inbox gets spammed with emails (thankfully in a single conversation thread).

This would help me extremely, since I tend to release my analyses all at once, but it eventually turns into a question of “Do I want to submit it now so that I don’t forget to post, or finish the song later?” I’ve done the latter several times, due to disinterest and time