Make full data dump available?

Those of us who like to explore data would LOVE to have more access (beyond just chord progressions).

I’m aware of the other post about this and your note at the bottom of the API Documentation page that you’re not planning to make this available soon. Despite that, I wanted to make a formal feature request so that others can chime in. I suspect there are many people out there, like me, who are dying to do some research with the data.

And as a general point of feedback, I really think Hooktheory would benefit from being more open source. It’s a huge burden for your team to develop new features, fix bugs, create APIs, etc., but it’s extremely easy for the community to do all that. You can monetize everything just the same, so it really would be best for everyone. Just my perspective.

Thanks for all the great work. This website is such an outstanding resource already.


Thanks! Yeah as soon as we get Hookpad 2 out (soon!) we’ll have some more time to reassess other priorities like this.



@dave, wondering if this is still a possibility. So much potential for research here (currently PhD student in music theory, writing a dissertation using your API, which is a bit limiting).


Dave, how about that data dump?

Hi, wanted to revive this discussion as the API seems to be broken now. Have there been any more thoughts on a data dump? As many others have said, I think this would be an invaluable resource for many people.

I can’t see it happening. People have been asking for years for either a data dump or an expanded API.