Make Absolute Names for min(no3) Chords open fifths

Even though the open fifths originate from a minor chord in that mode you can tell by looking at the relative label for that chord, so it could be labeled as an open fifth.

The verse of Rolling in the Deep uses open fifth chords (C5, G5 and Bb5) but two of them say Cm(no3) and Gm(no3) which looks more clunky, even though these are still accurate labels. It would look better if they said C5 and G5 as that is what they would commonly be described as/referred to.

Look at the verse here: Rolling in the Deep by Adele Chords, Melody, and Music Theory Analysis - Hooktheory

  • jackscores01

That is weird, and it seems to have not been fixed D:
For now, just use the major version of each chord if you want it labeled as a power chord :+1: