Majorly irritating editing bug [Fixed]

If “Push Neighbour” setting is switched on, merely clicking on random chords in the timeline results in them being place-swapped with other previously-selected chords. I am using Chrome Browser on Windows 10.

Workaround is to switch off “Push Neighbour” but boy is it maddening when you don’t know what is causing it.

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Sorry for the trouble. Can you show a specific example of the behavior so we can try to reproduce it (hopefully in as few steps as possible).


When a chord is selected, clicking and dragging anywhere else on the chord track moves the currently selected chord to the mouse cursor. The dragging is so sensitive that sometimes even merely clicking a different chord will move the selection around. Similar behaviour also happens on the note track (and it gets worse since notes can be positioned vertically using the mouse).

Dragging on text entry mode should only be initiated if the mouse actually clicks on the selection; if the note / chord under the mouse is currently unselected, clicking should select it, and the subsequent dragging should be ignored.

Thanks for this detail @HertzDevil yeah I see what you are talking about. Let me look into fixing that.


Fix pushed today with 2.3.4. Thank you @JMW for reporting and @HertzDevil for giving us a crystal clear explanation that helped us reproduce it and fix. Cheers - Chris