Major/Locrian chord progression

I set out to write an [8-bar chord progression] 1 using every chord in the Db major scale and every chord in the Db Locrian scale. It was hard. (There’s a shift from Abbmaj6 to Abmaj6 that I don’t love, but it’s not terrible.)

I’ve done one for all the other modes as well, except Mixolydian which I’m working on now.

Woah. Awesome mate! But that shift from Gb/Db to cbm is just, ugh. Major/Dorian is good. But Major/Lydian is fire! How about some melodies now?

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Huh, does that cadence not work? I’ve listened to it so many times that I can’t tell anymore. Is it that you’re expecting Cb major and get minor instead?

And yeah I’ll add some melodies soon (EDIT: wrote a melody for major/Dorian)

I also want to revise minor/major, it was the first one I did and I think it’s my least favorite

No no lol. Nothing’s wrong with it. The cadence worked. It’s just the build up of the bass line that gave that cadence a ballad-y feels which I hate for no apparent reason. Absolutely nothing wrong. Plus I can’t play with my expectations in these progressions since they contains every chord of the scales. And wowowowow, I jizzed listening to the melody of Major/Dorian! And yes, Major/Minor needs to be revised, but also, it looks like a total pain in the arse to revise that. 2spooky4me. Either way, good job!