Magic "Popular" options no longer works

See this problem illustrated here …

Using Windows 11 (up to date) & Hookpad 2.31.3.

Yup. Same. HookPad, regularly dumps me out or, does the same as your video. Seems very little response when these matters are reported. Buyer beware.

That seems a little bit harsh Mike. It’s a fantastic app and I imagine hellishly complicated to conceive, develope and maintain. Any problems I’ve had in the past have been addressed … I think you should cut the guys a little slack if you don’t mind me saying :wink:

it looks like a javascript error is happening and also the cookie for hooktheory are rejected as some elements are unsecure while others are secure (and usually this is were websites get into trouble trying to supply unsecure content into a secure browser session (http vs https).

from dev view:

(SpecCacher) using bundled BufferManager
69Third-party cookie will be blocked. Learn more in the Issues tab.
db0cf858158f05be5f7b.worker.js:1 TimerWorker.js downloaded
3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)
at Object.getAbsoluteChordGraphic (main.dcac5c67.chunk.js:2:2963836)
at Object.getAbsoluteChordGraphic (main.dcac5c67.chunk.js:2:431648)
at vy._getChordLabelAbsSecR (main.dcac5c67.chunk.js:2:1424944)
at new vy (main.dcac5c67.chunk.js:2:1421824)
at main.dcac5c67.chunk.js:2:1427798
at r (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:597761)
at main.dcac5c67.chunk.js:2:2282083
at ()
at Function.mapToProps (main.dcac5c67.chunk.js:2:2281370)
at i (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:86419)
at i.mapToProps (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:86562)
at i (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:86419)
at 3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:86090
at 3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:90626
at l (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:5903518)
at l (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:91138)
at sa (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:5839367)
at Ha (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:5848934)
at Ua (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:5848266)
at za (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:5847921)
at Xs (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:5894965)
at jc (3.31965ffb.chunk.js:2:5878960)

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Hi - that sounds promising but I’m assuming the HT guys need to fix that and that it’s not something I can adjust at my end - right?

correct - @DSchwachhofer & team will need to find the issue and fix it.

Thanks for your help with this. :+1:

Yes, we’re on it. It should be fixed pretty soon.


Hi all, thanks for the bug report, we pushed a fix for this in v2.31.4 live now


Yup - sorted. Thanks :+1:

I, of course, don’t mind you saying. I like the app, however, it is not that new and I would expect a ‘paid’ app to be more reliable.