Magic Chord? I've got my credit card ready

Fantastic job on Hookpad and tying it into the db. This is the software I’ve been designing in my head for years. You nailed it. But what’s the status on PLUS functionality, especially Magic Chord? It’s been 8 months since it was teased here:

You guys are one step away from totally owning this space… Sequencer as SAAS combined with crowdsourced visual harmonic analysis database AND computer-aided design/rapid prototyping for songwriting? C’mon - deadly. It’s the songwriter’s trifecta killer app.

Just please tell me your funding is solid and you haven’t all had a falling out or went back to day jobs or something… I’d pay 5x the $8.99/mo just for Magic Chord alone.

I don’t want to have stayed up for the last 24 hours falling in love with Hookpad just to find out we’re headed for a break up… not when I just started working on my songs again after a few years because it’s so damn quick and easy to use.

It’s good news time, fellas, what’s the word? Plus functionality is being released tomorrow morning, right? :smile:

Does not seem these are magic chords in that Theorytab as shown in the manual. They just look like forced applied chords in the sense they do not resolve to their tonics, were made during a time when modes were unavailable in Hooktheory, and could have been more accurately rendered using borrowed chords.

In that aspect Magic Chords as an entirely compositional device just does a similarity search in the database and probably cannot handle out-of-key progressions well, seeing how the candidate chords were first separated by “difficulty”.

Hi Sterling,
thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile: Hooktheory Plus is coming soon I promise. We expect it be ready in the next few weeks and will have more to say about it shortly. We are really excited about Magic Chord and some of the other features we’ve been working on. It’s taken a lot longer than we had planned to get it ready, but we think it’s going to be worth the wait!


Magic Chords are indeed a compositional device for helping people find chords that will work well together by searching the TheoryTab database for patterns. In that sense, it can definitely make good suggestions regarding out of key chords (borrowed chords, secondary dominants, etc.) based on how they have been used elsewhere in the database. We’ll have more to say about this after plus is released :-).