Mac OS X - display glitches - possibly involving piano instrument / lyrics

Hi, Hookpad develoeprs,

I was figuring out notes in a song for which I was not able to quickly find ready-made sheet music on the Web, but I ran into display glitches on Mac OS X (but not on Windows) using the Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Everything starts out fine, but some time after I have more than a few systems up, and I start putting in lyrics and enable the visual piano instrument (to choose flat notes), I notice the display gets wonky.

On Mac using Chrome, the bottommost systems disappear (one may be partially rendered) and the piano instrument doesn’t show. On Safari and Firefox, much more of the interface is missing; what remains is stretched vertically and unusable.

The player looks fine outside of the editor interface. ( )

I have tried this same song twice starting with a blank Hookpad display and eventually running into the display problem.

Also, something about the lyrics seem to prevent generating a score sheet.

It is not urgent; I can switch to using Windows for this, but I thought I’d mention it in case it hasn’t been noticed before; I searched bug reports for “Mac OS” and “Macbook” but didn’t see anything as specific.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

@BriarpatchDragon we have seen issues like this crop up in longer songs in certain conditions. It has been totally fixed in the newest version (Hookpad 2) which is currently in beta. Release for the public will be very soon now.

Thanks for the report!

Hello Dave,

I am a new member and Hook pad looks really great In the demos. However I have tried downloading 2 demos to see it working properly in operation. The first four bars work very nicely, but after that the music starts to drastically slow down. My PC is Windows 10, 8 gig of ram and 160 hard drive. I have also tried my laptop with same effect, which only has 4 gig of ram and Windows 10. Please say what I may be doing wrong? In addition I have an apple imac power pc and Amazon Fire, which I am not sure yet about compatibility, but will be trying your program on my iMac once I have reinstalled the operating system… Please could you give me some advise?

@Music4me (I believe you also sent an email to support but am responding here with the same message).

Sounds like your computer is recent enough that it shouldn’t be a problem (is the 160 GB hard drive an SSD?). What browser are you using by the way? Have you noticed a difference if you use a different one (Chrome for example)? Hookpad is fairly CPU and Ram intensive. Do you have a ton of browser tabs open in the background trying to share your resources? (do you see the same performance issues after a fresh reboot in other words?).