Lyrics Verse vs Chorus showing

Can anyone tell me how to show the lyrics for both the verses and the chorus at the same time?? thx Earl

Hey EarlR,

I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to do and what goes wrong.
In general you can just keep on typing your lyrics and they will be added to each melody note in your arrangement. So if you type your verse, then the chorus, second verse and the chorus again, everything should be alright.
If you have melody notes which don’t need any lyrics you can use underscores for each of those notes and the lyrics will be shifted to the right by the amount of underscores you have.

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 07.43.12

Please let me know if this was helpful.


don’t get me wrong, I love Hook. But the Lyrics feature is practically unusable. If I have a song with 3 verses and one chorus then then I need 4 lyrics blocks. One for each verse and one for the chorus. To type 25 or _ 36 to try to find the next verse beginning is not really practical, neither is typing up the chorus 4 times.
Same when printing a lead sheet. I want a LEAD SHEET, not. LEAD BOOK. Means I want the lyrics printed overlapped and need the chords for the verse only once, not 3 times, same with the chorus.
Thats a big shortcoming and makes hook more of just a prototyping tool rather than a production tool.
Its a really versatile app with not too bad a user interface. But when it comes to Lyrics … it sucks (sorry).

Yes, you’re right there’s lots of improvements to be made for our lyrics tool. I understand your need for a condensed Lead Sheet but I’m not sure yet how to achieve this in a great way. Right now all score/sheet exports are a direct representation of the song structure as it is in Hookpad.
One possibility would be to allow multiple lines of lyrics for the same verse inside Hookpad. You could then save your original arrangement as a second file, remove everything you don’t want to have in your sheet export and type in your multiple verses which could then be shown in your sheet as you described. Managing two different files, a full one for Audio Export etc. and a condensed one for sheet exports isn’t great but at least it would allow you to export your sheets in a better readable way.
Another possibility was to try to automate this somehow. But I’m not sure how to exactly achieve this as the software would need to know which parts to combine and which not. Perhaps we could somehow duplicate sections and link them in a way that music, bands, meters, tempos and keys are exactly the same for both linked sections. Then we could find a way to also link lyrics to those sections. This would avoid all those _25 markers which are wrong as soon as you remove one note. At the end we could then add an option to export condensed sheets which export each linked section only once. But this feels rather complicated both for developing and for using afterwards, so I’m not sure if this is the best approach either.

There’s a lot to think about and we will talk it through to see how we can improve things.