Lyrics editor problems

Hi DSchwachhofer,

A few issues with the new lyrics editor.

  1. It doesn’t import my lyrics in the right place, just bumps my lyrics down to the bottom and the sections outline is randomly populated with a few of my lyrics.
  2. Trying to fix that by copy and paste, but the ‘ctrl+z’ no longer works. I need that back because moving stuff around often requires this.
  3. Adding the character ‘_’ creates a highlighted ‘1’ in the text, representing a rest, which is fine. But doing that more than once in a line erases all my lyrics and replaces it with a rest of ‘11’. How can I get around this?
  4. Trying to figure out how to get around issue #3 a few times caused the page to crash and lose some work.

Overall, I like the idea of having highlighted headings along with the lyrics, but it makes things a big stiff. I need to put my pickup lyrics in the preceding sections in order for them to be properly positioned, for example. And what happens if I delete a section header, what happens to the lyrics? So how about this? Just let people make their own headings in the text editor using symbols such as (( )), or << >>, that way they could also indicate musical ideas for the singers as notes in the lyrics sheet.

Could you please get back to me on point #3. I need to have this lead sheet exported for a session on Thursday.

Many thanks for all you do!


Hey Jeremiah,

thank you for your video, I couldn’t replicate that bug of the disappearing lyrics yet, but I’ll try to fix that as soon as possible. Now let me try to answer some of your questions.

  1. Is this when you’re opening an older song? It should translate everything correctly to the new format, but it has to compare every word to find out how many syllables/notes a word needs and then put it into different sections. This is a complicated process so there might happen some errors there.

  2. To go back and forth you can use Hookpad’s own undo/redo functionality. So right now, just unfocus the lyrics editor (click on the melody for example) and press “Z” or “Y” on your keyboard to undo/redo. But you’re totally right, it should work with CMD/CTRL, too. I’ll try to get that in on one of our next updates.

  3. So to skip a note I would recommend to use the TAB key. If your press it once, you get one note skipped, if you press it again, you’ll see the number increase to “2” and skip two notes. When the cursor is near one of those numbers you can also type in the number of skipped notes directly.
    Two low dashes should be translated to “2”, not “11”. And of course it shouldn’t delete any of your lyrics. I have to check that again.

Yes, pickups are a problem I’m aware of. The same problem also exists in the music part of the app. Pickup parts of melodies are always written in the section before. You get used to this, but it doesn’t look that chaotic as with the lyrics.

If you delete only the section header, the lyrics inside that section are added to the section before. If you delete the whole section, not only the header, the lyrics get deleted, too.

The colored section headings inside the lyrics are not only about highlighting which section a line of text belongs to, but it’s also about making sure changes in the lyrics in one section doesn’t affect the other sections afterwards. In the simple editor before if you added an extra syllable at the start of the song, all the following lyrics would be shifted by one note.

I hope you find a way to overcome the problem with the deletion of lyrics in the bridge. May be you can write that line again and skip the notes that you need while writing that line, rather than inserting skips in the middle of the text. Maybe this works more reliable. I haven’t seen this error before so unfortunately I don’t have a reliable work-around until I get to fix this, I’m sorry for that.



Many thanks for the reply and your explanations of how to use the new text editor. As with all new things, there is always a little ‘getting used to’, which is to be expected.

Thank you for point 3, that will make navigating skipped notes easier. I’ve also realized I can just add ‘.’ in my text to account for grace notes.

Onwards and upwards. Have a great day!


Thanks to your video I was able to find some bugs and fix them. I had to scan the text for symbols like “_” or “13” and then translate those into the new format. During this process there were some combinations of text and skip boxes I didn’t think of which lead to deletion of the lyrics afterwards.

A fixed version will come with the next update. But I’d still rather insert skips with the TAB key as this will be more reliable.

Thank you again!


Thank you too!

One last point, I checked my old songs and I still see the editor is bumping all my lyrics to the bottom of the sections outline, or just randomly sprinkled my lyrics throughout. So I’ll have to go back and place all my lyrics again. This got me thinking, rather than struggle with an auto import, why not just give us some short code, like ‘{V I}’, or '{chorus 1}, that we could use to tell the text editor where to make these breaks. With that, it would only take me a few minutes to make the fixes. Just an idea.

Please wait for the next update before you do any of this work. Hopefully this issue gets resolved with it. In theory it should work but as it’s a complex thing, there might be some combinations I didn’t think of.

Can you give me one or two names of projects that don’t translate to the new format correctly so I can have a look at it to see why this would happen?

“Stone in Love bridge 1.7 - key up” is an example of all the lyrics bumped to the bottom.
“Visions of you 3.0” is an example where things are scattered.

P.S. I’m wondering if all this might have something to do with this message I’m getting these days, as well. Can you tell me why I’m getting this?
Screenshot 2023-12-15 042045

Thank you very much, for giving me those song names! On the first glance, I haven’t seen anything obvious but I’ll go in deeper and see if I can find anything.

The connection thing shouldn’t be connected to the lyrics errors. Do you see this message often? Is it affecting the way you can use Hookpad?

Thanks so much for taking a look. Are you saying the lyrics are all imported to the lyrics editor correctly on your side? If so, I’ll take another look, thank you.

Yes, I’m getting the connection error every time I launch HookPad. But, no, after I click on ‘continue anyway’ the functionality of the platform is unaffected. Everything is working fine.

No, the lyrics aren’t translated to the new format correctly on our side. But there was nothing obvious I could see why this would be the case. So under the hood there is some more complicated bug going on which might need some time to debug.

I’m glad you can use Hookpad without restrictions but still I’ll ask around if there’s a solution to get rid of the message.

Thank you again for your songs, with them I was able to fix multiple issues. One example where multiple line breaks in a row.

After the next update the songs you gave me should load correctly. Please let me know if you find anything else.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Hi DSchwachhoffer,

I still can’t figure this out, could you help?

Issue 1. I still need to redo all my old files to fit into the new sections outline, because they’re not importing correctly. Could you look at my song ‘Sunset after sunset v.2.0b’, as an example?

  1. I can’t copy-paste from another browser window like I used to be able to do. I’ve tried it in Opera and Chrome browsers. It says my selection has been copied to the clipboard, but then when I go to paste to the ‘paste clipboard’ option, there’s nothing there. I’ve looked at other support threads on this subjection, but maybe I haven’t figured out how to tell my browser to accept your command to copy to the clipboard? Could you give me some guidance here?

Thanks in advance!