Lyrics button is gone

Only happens when I click on the ‘Add a New TheoryTab’ link

Hi @Vaz123, this is intentional. In addition, the band toggle is gone, and the controls for voices 2,3, 4 are gone.

Bands, lyrics, and polyphony (multiple voice) are not allowed inside the theorytab part of the site, so we remove the controls when adding / editing.

@chris well that makes the lyrics bug fix kind of useless

Not entirely. There may still be analyses created with HP1 with lyrics that would crash when loaded into the HP2 player if the bug were not fixed.

@chris and if I can’t add bands in theorytabs then what’s this

That was a bug that has been fixed. It’s quite a rabbit hole allowing arbitrary bands in the song database; we’ve always forced playback to use the default band there.

@chris also why isn’t polyphony allowed

@chris can you add back the lyrics button so that I can remove lyrics easily