Lyrics are not saved

I enter lyrics to prepare for the melody. I save the project. Then when I open the project the lyrics are no longer there. This also happens when I enter 111 and place lyrics behind this like i used to do like a scratch pad area. The 111 and the lyrics are no longer saved! I would like to be able to save lyrics somewhere in the lyrics box as I work on a project as I was able to do before.

one note on preserving lyrics: one thing i do for lyrics - notepad++ - i have both regular textual only lyrics, and then also broken out by syllables with [space][dash] or appended [dash], or [space][plus] etc etc etc to format to the tool (in my case either HookPad or Synth V).
then copy & paste the syllable lyrics into the tool(s) from the source file. and if i need formatted, copy and paste textual only into something like Google Docs and format (and most often includes BPM, key, meter, and chord progressions, section marker etc).

Hi, I’m sorry for your troubles.

Unfortunately I couldn’t replicate any unsaved lyrics. What browser/operating system are you using?

As for the “111”, there is now a far more easier way to get a lyrics scratch pad. Just create an empty section at the end of the song. Now you can start writing your lyrics there. As long as there are no notes in this section, the lyrics will never show inside your song.

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