Lyric Text Entry Reversed

When I type lyrics into any lyric section, the text is reversed and pressing the spacebar places the cursor at the start of the first/top lyric section.

I have double checked the writing direction setting within the browser and it is set correctly to left-to-right.

I have reproduced this problem in both Brave v1.60.125 and Edge Version 119.0.2151.97

This does not effect any other project in both browsers.

I downloaded the json project and had a look in there (as it seemed to be project specific) but couldn’t see any obvious related setting in the json.

I deleted the online project and opened the saved to disk project, and the same problem persists.

Hey Roy,

thank you for the report. It would be really helpful if you could email this json file to “” so I can have a look and see why this is happening.

Thank you very much!