Lyric Input and Sections Suggestion

I usually don’t bother inputting lyrics since I usually have instrumentation for a few measures prior. It would be a great help if we could add lyrics to certain sections. For instance, let’s say I have an “intro” and a “verse”. Linking the lyrics only to “verse” would be an enormous benefit as I could then move that section without the lyrics deciding they should now apply to whichever notes end up being in “verse’s” stead.


I absolutely agree! This is frustrating that I cannot add multiple lines of lyrics to each verse!

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Those are great ideas. Thank you for your feedback!

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Is there any update about this topic?
I ask myself if there is a handy workaround?

Yes please make it possible to add lyrics per section!

Going through the support forum here I see that this lyrics shortcomings have existed for many years now and nothing ever happened. So we have to assume that you have no plans to ever fix that. I’d love your feedback on this because if thats the case then I’ll move on before investing too much time in HOOK.
Its not the $5 a month which is the real cost. Its my time. And a working lyrics and lead sheet feature is desperately needed. Ask $7 a month if you need more $$. But you gotta do something about this.

I thought they would never add triplets but they surprised us. Hopefully, that will happen again.

I’m just starting to adding some if the described features to our lyrics tool. It might take a while but I hope you will be surprised again soon…